Sunday, March 30, 2008

The sweetest 4 y/o ever

Today Ben is going to a big fundraiser for a skatepark to be built here in town. It starts off with a skate competition that Ben is competing in, there will be a demo given by pro skaters and will wrap up tonight w/ a big concert and some pretty big named bands, Ben is psyched !!
A little after he left, Reagan came out to me looking really concerned, I asked her if something was bothering her and she replied "I hope Ben is careful, I don't want him to get hurt." I told her he'd be fine but still she looked worried and told me "What if he doesn't wear his helmet ?" I told her they won't let him skate w/out his safety gear, to which she responded "But they don't make you wear face masks, what if he lands on his face, it'll get all bloody and hurt." I've told her he'll be fine and is a good skater and so won't be face planting, I just hope that now she can relax until he gets home.. she wasn't looking too convinced when she went outside to help Victoria with her yard chores. Why is Reagan helping Victoria with her yard chores ? "Mommy, Victoria was sick yesterday, if she doesn't get them done today Daddy will be mad at her, she needs my help." Awwwww


fireflymom said...

How did the skating & fundraiser go?

Marly said...

Awww. She's a good egg. ;)

NK said...

What a big heart! I know who she got that from! :-)

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