Monday, March 10, 2008

My kids are normal

I need to set that as my Mantra.
We live on the side of the neighborhood where the retired folk and the 2 families that would prefer to live in complete solitude on the side of a hill live.

My kids love to play in the pouring rain, play out in the snow and play outside when it's 100+ degrees, they ride bikes, play basketball, soccer and football, Ben and his friends rough house pretending to be Ninjas one minute and Army Men the next, they play Chase around the outside of the house, Reagan and her friend make up obstacles and pretend to be ponies,they blow bubbles and make mudpies, Victoria and her friends build fire pits and sit around them on a warm Summer's night laughing about who knows what, they are normal fun loving kids.
Sometimes they get loud, sometimes they get hurt, sometimes they fight with one another,sometimes they don't make a peep, but they are NORMAL

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