Friday, April 4, 2008

Random thoughts

So my little mind has being whirring today with lots and lots of thoughts, some good, some not so good.
Here goes.

Some people truly SUCK !!, The wench that signed a buyers contract on our house in MN, lied her ass off, long story short, looks like we'll be foreclosing on it..Thanks Bitch. That gets me to wonder how many people truly think of their actions and how they may effect others ?

Reagan needs a bath really badly and I don't want to mess with it *BLUSH* when she gets sweaty her hair gets super curly, people think she looks so cute w/ "All that curly hair". HAH, don't going putting your nose near those curls... PEEW !!

Ben talks non stop about skateboarding and skate boarders,I know just about everything you need to know about what boards are the best, what wheels you HAVE to HAVE, the type of bearings you have to buy to put in those wheels to make the wheels go smooth and fast. Still with me ? I know what trucks you have to attach to the bottom of the board, to attach the wheels to in order to ride fast, w/out trucks, you only have a piece of wood, oh and the grip tape that goes on top of the board has to be the best quality, w/out it your feet will slip and it just doesn't look cool.
Holy shit ! What happened to a piece of wood and a couple of roller skate wheels ?
Oh and Tony Hawk, Mr Skate himself holds the key to Ocean City, pretty cool huh ?

Victoria is a good driver, but she has to remember that when you move into the passing lane, it means you need to pass those in the other lane, why does she feel the need to move over and slow down all the way to 45 when the speed limit is 55 and every other moron on that stretch of road is doing 70 ? She's going to give me a heart attack if she does it again, I swear. Teaching a teen to drive really speeds up the aging process.

Tomorrow is Marc's family reunion, Marc being Marc decided to leave me and the kids w/ people we don't know or haven't seen in 10 years while he plays golf w/ a cousin, I decided to go up later after Reagan has had soccer pics made, that way Marc will be done playing by the time we get there. Tonight he called, it's going to rain tomorrow, golf is cancelled and now he's lonely... Karma, gotta love her.

I need to take pics of some items I've just made for my store, but my lighting sucks right now, maybe I should lay a chocolate bar next to everything, chocolate makes everything better right ?

I need to learn to say "No" A work associate of Marc's is looking after Winchester this weekend, she lives next to people who own a gorgeous German Shepherd, they don't care for her and don't want her, they leave her out in all weather and never pay her any attention. She and Winchester made a love connection through the fence posts, she cried for him when he walked away, AWWW, she loved on Reagan's hand when she pet her through the fence, Victoria just about climbed over there to pet her. She would be a wonderful companion for Winchester, we have a large fenced in yard for them to run, she would sleep inside, not in the rain, she'd be fed so you could no longer see her ribs, she's a love bug and she deserves a good home just not this one, I don't want another dog, we already look after the cat the previous owners of this house left behind, we have a psychotic cat who pisses on and in everything but the freaking litter box. I have a hard enough time looking after a house a yard, 3 kids, 3 cats and a large dog as it is, I don't want another dog to add to the mix, No, No, No.

It's getting late, I still have laundry to do, pics to take, packing to do and seeings as I'm too lazy to bathe Reagan now I'll have to do it first thing in the morning, at least she'll be squeaky clean for pictures though right ?

Special thanks go out to my friend Heather who took Reagan for me today for 4 whole hours, in that time I got my house spotless, I may have been up to my elbows in dust and kept finding traces of cat pee where you would simply never imagine, I filled up a whole vacuum cleaner bag with dust and debris .. ICK !! and I received a blister on my finger from scraping pet hair out of the crevices on the stairs, but my house smells awesome, if you haven't checked out Green Works cleaning products, you really should.
Anyway, Heather will not accept payment of any kind so join me in giving her a standing ovation, she rocks !!


NK said...

House situation: sucks. Your involvement and dedication to your children : rocks. I hope your weekend is better than you anticipate. (((Hugs)))

fireflymom said...

Hang in there. (((Hugs)))

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