Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This gave me a little lift

It always makes me feel a little special when I log into my Etsy Store and see that someone has either labelled me as one of their favorites or that one of my items has being tagged as a favorite.
Yesterday I listed a little 1/2 apron I'd made with some vintage fabric that I found a while back, have to admit it wasn't my favorite and Reagan didn't care for it either so I shared the fabric with a good friend of mine and made this little apron to sell. Not 24 hours later and someone has already tagged it a favorite, now it would be nice if she'd buy it, but just knowing someone likes it that much just gives my heart a little lift.

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Bean said...

Cute!! I have some of what you gave me cut out into a bag, but I haven't had time to sew it up yet ;)

You should really link to your Etsy shop from this blog for the cross-marketing! Google owns blogger, and your posts/items for sale will come up in searches more often :)

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