Monday, April 28, 2008

Total alone time ?

So what do you do when you want to be alone for more than a few minutes ?
A couple of times a year I go through a stage where I need to be completely alone for a day, no children, no husband, just me. Now is that time, in fact the last 2 weeks have been that way and now I'm at the point where I need to go somewhere or do something this weekend alone, providing Marc doesn't go out of town.
I love my kids to pieces but I don't want to hear about anything High school drama'ish, any talk of skateboarding and skateboarders and not one thing about Webkinz, the Naked Brothers Band or where to buy a Hanna Montana hairbrush, I'm in burn out mode and my brain is overloaded with all of this useless information, I need the equivalent of a colonic for my brain but I've not seen a Detox diet for that yet, have you ?
So all ideas would be greatly appreciated, a weekend away or a day at a spa are out of the question, it needs to be cheap and cheerful.


Shayna said...

A nice long walk on the beach, or shopping.....

Stephenie said...

Im with ya! I was at this point about a month and a half ago and I booked a scrapbooking weekend while my hubby was out of town and while I was at my wits end one night. So this weekend OFF I GO! It actually helped me to know something was coming just for me away from everyone!

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