Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well maybe not a lot, just a little, so far.
One of my favorite things about hosting a Giveaway is that some of the people that enter may have blogs that I haven't found before and there are some pretty cool ones out there. A couple had cute tutorials for Christmas decorations, some of which I have had to try my hand at, I'll be posting some of those in the upcoming days.
My first homemade decoration this year was the gumdrop wreath, the tutorial for it can be found here
Here are a couple of little tips I think are worthy to pass on. I had decided that I wanted ours big enough to hang on the front door, therefore it went from a 10 inch wreath to a 15 inch wreath which equals 8 pounds of gumdrops *EEK* which in turn makes a very heavy wreath, it was a bear to hang from the door, but I like the finished look of it, so in my little world it was worth it. BUT every time the door is closed, or in this household slammed one or more of the gumdrops works loose and a couple have gotten trod on, making a gum droppy mess.I have to keep reminding everyone to close the door and take a look on the step before they leave.
Who knows by the end of the Winter my children may have actually learnt that you don't have to slam a door to close it properly... a lesson learnt by the sugary wreath on the door.


Kat's Credence said...

Oh, you did do this! It turned out great!

Kelli said...

Just found you through SMS, but let me tell you how much better your gumdrop wreath looks than mine. I had 2 little helpers-- my 2- and 4-year-olds, and both wore out before we got even near done. So our wreath has no gumdrops on the inside at all--but I was not about to open up another bag just to do the inside by myself--cause who knows what they'd have been into while I was busy!

fireflymom said...

You have so. much. patience!

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