Friday, December 12, 2008

To all you pattern makers out there

Please tell me why you don't make patterns for tween / teen boys.
I just sat and cut out PJ patterns for the girls and Marc and then it was time to cut out Bens and no can do, the patterns don't go up to his size.
The Father / son patterns are apparently only designed for boys up to 8, after that, maybe they're too cool for PJs and remain that way until their waist hits 34inches ?? My mind is fuddled I don't get it. Even while looking in the pattern books at the fabric store I was only seeing patterns for boys going up to a 27 inch waist, now maybe I'll luck out and when I measure Ben tomorrow I'll see that Ben is in fact only a size 8 in Butterick, Simplicity and McCalls terms, afterall their size 5 girls swamp Reagan and she's a size 6 in manufactued clothing sizes.

Ah well, off to bed, it's super late, it's windy and stormy outside and my lights are flickering inside so I think it's time for bed before I get left in total darkness.


Cateling said...

I hear you!! I have a son who is 4'10" and 110 pounds ... and I have one lonely pyjama pattern that fits him. I'll look it up and get back to you with the brand (probably Simplicity) and number. The good news is it doesn't take a tremendous amount of fabric.

Cateling said...

Our favorite pattern is Simplicity 4388. Most recently used size 14 modified for extra length. Pattern range is 7 - 14.

We also have Simplicity 5338. It has child XS - L and adult XS - XL. I don't care for the mechanics of this pattern as much as the other (I've made it once vs. several times for the other) but there is not a shocking gap in the sizes between "child" and "adult".

Anonymous said...

Try the book Sew What Fleece. It tells you how to make your own pattern. Or, there was a tutorial on Sewe Mama Sew about using your kids favorite pants as a pattern. (In the kids month archives) I did this for my boys. They will get their pjs on Christmas, so I can't tell you how well they turned out yet, but I am optimistic.

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