Sunday, June 21, 2009

Imagine that

Ever read something and thought to yourself "Wow, she sounds just like me ? " That happened to me a little while ago. I was reading comments left on a fellow bloggers blog, one of the comments really struck me, the author had written
"My children always tell me that my cakes and cookies are the best they've ever eaten and I always tell them "Well it's my special ingredient, you know the one" and they in turn will say yep, an extra serving of love."
I read that and was quite taken aback, somebody else has that very same dialogue with their children as I do, when I finished reading the comments (I wanted to see if anyone else had commented about making the cake and if they had had the same result as me)I decided I was going to go back, find that author and check out her blog, imagine my surprise when I saw that, that author was in fact ME. I had apparently totally forgotten that I had left a comment, duh !! It's been a long week.
Want to check out the cake I was talking about ? then go here. If you want an incredibly dense, chocolaty cake that will put you in a sugar/chocolate coma this is the one for you. It's delish and 1 cake will serve about 20 people, not even kidding.


Karin Schueller said...

I'm trying not to laugh at you, becuase I love you... but that is hilarious... and totally like ME! ;)

I swear I'm going to do the 'tag' thingie... I'm just slow, lol. ;)

JennH said...

oh Penny! that's funny! ((hugs)) i know what you mean about the LONGGGG week!

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