Tuesday, June 2, 2009

That didn't go so well

Or did it ?

This week I decided to try the South Beach Diet, my fat jeans are feeling snug and sadly I didn't shrink them, I have those ten pesky Winter pounds to lose(if only they were as easy to shed as the woolly sweaters) and decided that for me maybe this was the way to go.
Now if you're familiar with SBD you know it goes in phases, phase 1 is the longest and IMO the hardest, you have to cut out ALL fruit and if you know me you know that that's darn near impossible, 1 cup of caffeine a day,(apparently I generally have 3)didn't really know that until I started paying attention and things like crackers, chips, cookies,potatoes, rice and pasta are out, along with CAKE !!
I don't eat a whole amount of cake, but today A) I needed to find something to do w/ a couple of cups of slightly over ripe strawberries and Reagan started bouncing up and down requesting we bake a strawberry and blueberry pound cake B) Today is our Wedding Anniversary (19 years baby) and well, you have to eat cake on days of celebration, right ?
All the time I was measuring and mixing and then smelling it bake I was almost overcome w/ guilt yet trying to find some determination and then rationalizing with "You can always start over again tomorrow" the latter almost broke me out in a cold sweat, I'm on day 2, I only have 12 to go, do I really want to start from scratch again ? HELL NO !!!! But I had visions of this wonderful fruity baked concoction, dressed up w/ powdered sugar and served w/ a dollop of fresh cream YUM !! Who could possibly resist right ? And so continued the internal battle until it was time to dump it out onto the cooling rack and PROBLEM SOLVED


DangAndBlast! said...

I'd have eaten it anyhow... looks so good.... down here we'd put some Blue Bell all-natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream on it and call it cobbler :)

A Little Of A Lot said...

LOL, that's actually what we ended up doing w/ the cake in the pan, the other part my kids ate in slices warmed up w/ cream... it was hard to walk away ;-)

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