Monday, June 8, 2009


Ever had one of those times when you feel like a hamster in a wheel ? You just keep running and running and you get nowhere, you land back in the same place you were at 10 minutes ago .
That's been my last 2 weeks and I'm seriously ready to jump off the wheel but it won't slow down.
Come Friday either things will all fall back into place because all 3 kids will be home for Summer break and I won't be trying to keep up w/ 2 very different schedules or it's going to continue in this whirlwind of doing but nothing getting done because all 3 kids will be home for Summer break. I'm really hoping it will be the former.
Well off to try finishing up a teacher gift, 2 cups of coffee should make it possible to finish tonight.. fingers and toes crossed


Kat's Credence said...

You just trade 1 kinda of hectic for another, but its all good, you have a ful, and fulfilled, life!

Hope you can find some calm soon though!

jaybird said...

i feel your pain... between 3 jobs and volunteer work its hard enough to keep my own schedule down not to mention others and there are days where i feel like i ended them exactly where i started without moving forward at all...

Bean said...

I'm drinking coffee tonight, too. We have a birthday party on Wednesday, I wonder what I'll make? Hah!

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