Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas is coming

Well now that Halloween is out of the way,Thanksgiving is just around the corner and before we know it it'll be Christmas. This year, just like last year I'm hoping to make it a Handmade Christmas or at least a mostly handmade Christmas, doesn't matter whether it's made by me or another Etsian, what I'm pretty sure of is that I don't want to keep throwing my money down the drain of the big corporate giants that are sucking the little person dry w/ their expensive shoddy and impersonal items.
I've been busy sewing and am gradually getting around to adding more items to my store on a daily basis.

I have my favorite oven mitts ever. Double handed, no more searching for the 2nd one,doesn't matter if you have little hands they work pefectly, no more bulk and the really nice thing ? They protect even your boobs from burns when you lift out your Thanksgiving turkey.
Here's a pair along with a co ordinating kitchen towel, just in time for Thanksgiving

My own personal favorites

Looking for something for the person that has everything ? Photo pillows, perfect gift for the Grandparents. Just email me a high resolution picture of what you want on your pillow or send me the original (I promise I'll return it)

Tissue cozies for the kids, send them off to school prepared this cold and flu season. They'll never lose or crumple up their tissues at the bottom of their book bag again.

And my ultimate favorite ? My very own "On The Go Cozy" A nifty little cozy to keep all of your essentials at your fingertips instead of rummaging around at the bottom of a purse, diaper bag or make up bag. Use it as a First Aid kit in the car, a compact make up bag. House hunting ? load it up with a notepad, pen, tape measure and Tylenol. I found mine most useful when going on a field trip w/ Reagan's school. She had to go potty and the only available bathroom was the nastiest porta potty I've ever seen. (Makes the bile rise up in my throat just thinking about it) BUT, I was equipped, I had my cozy with me and inside it were anti bacterial wipes... perfect to wipe the seat and door handle, hand sanitizer to squirt on our hands afterwards, tissues to cover our noses to hide the stench and Benadryl for when she got bitten by a mosquito while out playing, I also had bandaids, anibiotic ointment, sunscreen and a lollipop loaded up just in case.
The teachers on my list this year will all be receiving one.

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