Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It just kept on growing

Ever started a project with a very basic idea in mind and then it just keeps growing and growing ? Well that happened to me today. My plan was to make a simple baby blanket, you know, one side plain the other side patterned, well that changed rapidly to 4 panels all different colors for the front, once that was done it looked cute, but it needed something more, enter the moon and a sprinkle of stars. Looking good. Back cut out and ready to stitch to the front, but wait something's missing, should I bind ? Nah, how about that yummy jumbo ric rac ? Perfect. Put them altogether and what do you get ? A super cute baby blanket that I can't post pics of, JIC. As I sat and looked at it and looked out the window at the rain that wouldn't let up today my fingers got itchy to do more, so a smaller version with a couple of tags was born and I've a feeling that before the weekend is here there will be a whole ensemble going on, providing Reagan is feeling better in the morning and goes to school. She went to bed tonight with chills, sore throat, itchy, watery eyes and a tummy ache. My sewing may actually be done for the week *SNIFF*

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Tracey said...

I want one for Haleigh and it sounds so cute Penny, I can;t wait to see it :)

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