Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our week in pics

Ever sit back and think "Wow,what happened to the week ?"
Well here's what happened to part of ours and it was quite a mixed bag

Reagan lost her top front tooth

Ben decided to show the male folk that it's not only girls that can sew

We had lots of rain

And lots of wind

In the midst of the storm Reagan got Strep

Within 24 hrs she bounced back and became the healthiest sick person I know and requested we bake a pumpkin pie, she was still in the contagious stage so we weren't taking chances

Ben and I took a trip to Annapolis to see a cardiologist, but the highlight of his day was a trip to Borders, he could have spent the whole day in there

I got to finish up a couple of sewing projects.

A baby blanket for a friend

A new pillowcase for Reagan to use on Christmas Eve in which she can leave her letter for Santa and an extra fabric envelope in case he writes her back (Debating whether to add a couple to the store, thoughts ?)

We conclude the week with Reagan just losing that other top tooth but I'll spare you the photo, it's a bit of a bloody mess

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