Thursday, October 21, 2010

It was one of those days

I got up at my regular 'O Dark Thirty and heard the wind and rain, put my foot out of the bed and felt the nip in the air.
I went about my usual morning routine, coffee, packing lunches, saying "Goodbye" to one child while waking up another, you know the normal Mommy thing, but the more I heard and saw the rain the more I really didn't want to go out, I turned on the heat for the first time since April and suddenly the house was filled with a cozy warmth, making it even harder to want to start the day for real. Before I knew it it was time to take Rea to school, I threw on my sweats pulled back my hair and off we went, I couldn't wait to walk back into my house again, when I did I was met with the yummy warming scent of a Glad Plug In, my house felt and smelt cozy. I went about doing dishes and then sat at the sewing machine and started working on an order, all the while the wind was howling the rain was pouring but I was warm and snug in my abode and my thoughts turned to dinner.... Home made Chicken Noodle Soup, Home baked Bread Rolls and an apple pie or apple crisp ( That was my biggest decision of the day ) YUM !!! and that's how my day continued until it was time to go back out again to pick up Reagan from school, I ran upstairs to brush my hair before I left and that's when I saw it..... I hadn't showered all day, my hair was still pulled back, I still had on my sweats, not a scrap of make up was to be seen and well, I looked like I had just rolled out of bed. I just stood and stared, a little taken aback. I'm a shower first thing in the morning gal, I NEVER wear sweats throughout the day unless I'm deathly ill, my hair is always done, my face is always moisturised and with a little make up, I always look like I am ready for my day. I looked at my watch and I had 5 mins to fix my hair, brush my teeth and put on a little make up, no time for a change of clothes, it was what it was, I put dinner on to simmer, the rolls were rising, the apple crisp was baking and I ventured out of my house for the second time that day into the cold and rain, I picked up my girls, we came home and were greeted by the amazing aromas of soup and apple crisp (no fake Glade this time) the bread rolls had doubled and were ready for baking, the table was set and soon as a family we sat down and ate a meal together sharing the happenings of our day and you know what ? It was the perfect day. It didn't matter that I didn't look like my usual put together self, it was what was in my heart that made the day so perfect. The contentment of having a wonderful family to provide for and a business where I can come and go as needed and work in my sweats, my customers will never know (unless they read this) and it sure as heck didn't matter that I wasn't wearing any make up, I was just happy being me and doing what I love. I've a feeling there might be more "Throw on the sweats and go" kind of days around here, though I will shower and fix my hair, that was kinda gross, by the time the realization hit that I hadn't showered it was another 6hrs before I could stand under those jets and that just kind of left me with an 'ick' feeling.

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stephanie joy said...

oooh... your house sounds SO cozy!!! i wish i could have spent the day with you, creating on the sewing machine, drinking coffee, chatting and staying warm. i love days like that!!! :)

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