Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, Monday

Ever have one of those days when you're just not ready for the day to start and you certainly don't want to start negotiating first thing in the morning ? That happened here today, Monday came around way too quickly, my bed was too warm and the hour too early. I needed to be eased into my day and negotiating wardrobe choices with my 7 y/o certainly wasn't on the agenda, so yes, I let her go to school looking like this.
I'm sure the her teachers are wondering if I've lost it, was I thinking it was St Patricks Day coming up instead of Halloween ? Did I read the school dress code policy ? (I did, it's the way she's standing that makes those shorts look shorter than they really are.. right ? ) Maybe they'll think that my washing machine broke down and I couldn't get to the laundromat, maybe they'll be concerned and wonder if I'm sick and too ill to make sure that my child is appropriately dressed for school. Or maybe, just maybe, they'll nod their heads understanding that we all have one of those Mondays when the mere fact that my kids were sent off w/ a full belly, and brushed teeth and hair was an accomplishment  in itself

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