Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick, Easy, Nutritious & Tasty

Sounds good huh ? I think as busy women we are always looking for something that includes all 4 of those words and my guess is that most of us manage to get in the Nutritious, but the quick, easy and tasty ? Not so easy, seems like we think we have to slave away at the stove for an hour or more in order to feed our family something that we see fit for their consumption.. Where did we first get that notion ?
Well I have found something that fits each one of those categories and it's something all of the kids and adults in the family enjoy.. I should call it success on a plate, oh and there's very little clean up too, even better :)
Julie was looking for new recipes, another thing I think we all struggle with, coming up with something new and not the same old, same old. So I decided to share with her and all of you, one of our tried and true suppers and one that's so simple your kids can even help with the process.

Tangy Quesadillas

Roast chicken, torn into bite size pieces
Grated cheese
Cilantro (chopped)
Finely chopped jalepeno (optional)
BBQ Sauce
Soft tortilla shells

Mix the cheese, cilantro and jalepeno together in a bowl.
Take one tortilla, on one side place your chicken, sprinkle with your cheese mix, pour on a little BBQ sauce, fold the other half of the tortilla over so it looks like a half moon. Place on a skillet at medium heat and cook for 4 mins per side until ligtily browned and the cheese has melted, serve w/ a mixed salad and tada, dinner is served :)
 Easy peasy. Sorry about the poor picture quality, but I saw Joys post just as I was serving our dinner and so snapped a quick pic before one of the kids devoured it

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