Monday, July 11, 2011

Things I may never know

Why as soon as I jump in the shower no matter the time of day or night my 7 y/o has to use the bathroom and why out of 3 different bathrooms she can use she has to use mine ?

Why the phone doesn't ring all day and then as soon as one call comes in call waiting will bleep 2 seconds later to let me know there is another caller on the other line ?

Why my husband can nap for 3 hrs on any given day during the weekend completely undisturbed, but when I try  to take a 20 min cat nap I will be disturbed by barking dogs, noisy kids, telephone calls, people ringing my door bell and children coming in to ask "One quick question" ?

Why the only time my children NEED to really talk to me is when I am on the phone, they might have ignored me all day long. but as soon as I'm on the phone they need a full blown discussion about something ?

Why my vehicle only breaks down when I am out of town with my 2 youngest children ?

Why only true emergencies occur when my husband is out of town ?

Why I only get sick when my husband is out of town ?

People tell me it's all character building, I say it's downright annoying

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