Saturday, July 30, 2011

YES !!!!

"Yes !!!!" That's what my younger two shrieked at me just now, want to know why ?

 Because they've been begging me for the last 3 days for homemade pizza, Thursday Daddy was home and he doesn't care for the wheat crust so that wasn't going to work, Friday Daddy left for 4 days so pizza was promised for dinner Friday night, guess what ? This mom forgot *OOPS* but I redeemed myself and bought them fast food, that is a rare treat and so they forgave me. First thing this morning Reagan reminded me "Remember Ms Heather's pizza for dinner tonight, ok ?"  "Ok, Deal, I promise." We went out to the mall, bought sneakers and flip flops, checked out the new Hobby Lobby *SWOON* and then had to run home for the Comcast man to come and fix our phone, We were all having such a fun time that we forgot lunch so everyone was hungry by the time we got home and I kept hearing "We are having homemade pizza tonight right ? we're STARVING !! " Yes 10,000 times yes, you will have pizza tonight, so with beady eyes watching I measured out the ingredients into the breadmaker pan, once beady eyes were satisfied that they were in fact getting pizza tonight they walked away.. might have been their biggest mistake of the day. I closed the lid to the breadmaker, set it for the dough recipe, walked away knowing that I had 1hr 40mins to sew, 1 hr and 40 mins later the beeper went off, I hurried out to the kitchen, turned off the breadmaker, opened the lid and guess what ? I'd forgotten to add the pan.. FAIL. So another 2 hrs later after their stomachs were beginning to think their throats had been cut I was finally able to pull this from the oven and feed two incredibly hungry yet grateful children.

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