Friday, July 1, 2011

Curve balls

Sometimes life throws us curve balls that we are totally ill equipped to deal with, those curve balls are often the ones that you feel will never be thrown in your direction, but I'm here to attest that they can come at you from any direction, at any time and it doesn't matter who you are, what you are, what color you are, what your economic status is we are all on an equal playing field and it's what we do with those curve balls that matters the most.
Want to meet our curve ball ?

Meet Colton Thomas, isn't he cute ? I never believed I'd be a really young Grandmother, I never believed my 7 y/o would become an Aunt at 8, I never believed my not yet highschooler would become an Uncle and I certainly didn't believe my 19 y/o would become a Mommy and neither did she. None of this was planned, in fact everything was in place for it not to happen until the time was right, but once again we are reminded that our timeline and God's timeline aren't always the same, what we believe is the right time and what God has chosen for us doesn't always add up.
In one month 2 young men lost both their Grandfather and father, just 2 months later they both learnt that their fiancess were both expecting baby boys on the same day, coincidence ? Maybe, though I don't think so.
So yes, we were sent a curve ball of extraordinary means and it has being a long hard 4 1/2 months, huge life changing decisions had to be made, the future re thought, family members who have decided that they don't want to be a part of the 'shame' and so have decided to walk away.. and as hurtful as that is it's ok, it really is, we don't need that toxicity anyway, these 2 young people have enough to contend with without having to deal with hurtful comments and actions, it's better that those people just stay away. We have all come to love a little person we haven't yet met but will ensure that this Thanksgiving will be the best yet.
So now that things have settled a little I'm hoping to be here more often and bore you with all the cute little baby boy items that'll be coming off the machine, because if there's one thing this baby won't be lacking it'll be love and handmade gifts from Grandma :)


stephanie joy said...

oh pen... you are amazing!
you will be the BEST grandma ever!
cheering for all things good for these young people.
saying prayers when i can...
love ya friend!

Bean said...

((Oh Penny)) I'm sorry for any toxicity involved - you're right, we're all better off without it! In an ideal world though... *sigh*

We're so happy for V, and for your whole family - I can't wait to really 'meet' little Colton through pictures and your stories after his birth! <3 <3 <3 ((lots of love for V)) I know with all my heart that she is going to be a super-awesome-fantastic mama just like her own :)

Emma said...

Loved this post. Little "curve ball" is going to be one loved, cherished, and well dressed boy! Victoria is so blessed to have you as a mother to teach her the ropes. So excited for you all and I can't wait to hear all about Colton Thomas when he arrives. Happy Thanksgiving indeed! Praying!

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