Friday, July 29, 2011

Half Birthday's and Pool Surfing

Sometimes in order to get a little sanity break and to get things done around here like, I dunno, cleaning and laundry, it's best if I add an extra child into the mix and sometimes that extra child comes in the form of the 7 y/o's best friend in the whole wide world and sometimes that best friend just happens to have her half Birthday on the day of your playdate and that best friend has a big girl crush on your 13 y/o son and he finds it funny and just happens to love little kids and is an awesome baby sitter to his 7 y/o sister and before you know it you have a match made in Heaven. He's a certified baby sitter and has taken a course in water safety, so guess what ? I trust him to be out at the pool keeping watch on his little sister and friend and he just so happens to need some extra cash, Heaven I tell ya. So while I was in the house ( A/C) cleaning and doing laundry they were in the pool having a grand old time, such a good time in fact I had to take a break and take pictures, boogie boards make excellent pool surf boards in case you haven't heard (in case you're wondering, while 'pool surfing' was going on I was out there the whole time )

After spending hours in the pool and then just chilling in the 7 y/o's bedroom it was time to partaay, remember we had a half Birthday to celebrate, so everyone was called down for 'Snack time' Little Miss G was told that she had to cover her eyes before she could see the snack and then SURPRISE !!
I think she was happy :) It was a challenge figuring out how to do 7 1/2 in candles, so we went with 7.6, the . being a raspberry, creative huh ?
Tonight I feel rested and invigorated, amazing what adding an extra child to the mix can do for you, now I'm going to have movie time with my 2 youngest, I need to hear some chatter before I go to bed :)

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