Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So imagine this, you pull into an elementry school parking lot and line up with all the other people collecting their car riders, you pull in in your mommy mobile and park behind a mid sized sedan and then a big truck comes in and pulls up behind you, you turn your engine off, grab your magazine to enjoy the last couple of minutes of solitude before a little person jumps in and starts to talk your ear off about their day, as you turn the page you notice the sedan in front of you is rolling back, you have nowhere to go, you can't back up... you'd back into monster truck, you can't go left or right because you'd run into parked cars, so what do you do ? Yes you honk the horn and what does person in front of you not paying attention to what's going on do ? Flip you off. Nice huh ? but then it gets better, classy woman in front then figures out what's going on and stops the car and then starts it back up and moves forward a little and then guess what classy lady does ? She sticks her head out of the window and yells " Better now B *^#*h " ? All this while kindergarten through 2nd graders are being dismissed. I really have to hope that she is not the mommy of the sweet looking little girl that jumped in her back seat, it would be a shame for that to procreate.

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Julie said...

Seriously??? Carline brings out the worst in some people....it must be universal.

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