Sunday, October 30, 2011

I should have listened

Reagan's school was offering free Flu Mist vaccines, I jumped on it.. no shots in the arm, no dr appt needed and paid by the state with my tax dollars.. nothing to lose right ? She'd had it before so no worries. I signed the paperwork, didn't read the accompanying info because she'd had it before. she begged, she pleaded "Please Mommy no, let me have a shot, I hate that stuff." I told her flat out " No, you're getting the flu mist, you had it last year, it's uncomfortable for a few minutes but then it's done and you don't get a sore arm." so Friday she got the Flu mist and Saturday she got the sore throat and Sunday she got the fever and stuffy nose and Mommy felt like crap when she finally read the paperwork and saw that they gave her a live vaccine and has promised that she'll never get that damn vaccine again.

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Michelle said...

Poor thing! I have never had the mist but I heard it burns really bad. Fun stuff. Pretty bad when a kid begs for a shot!

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