Monday, October 3, 2011

How'd she get so smart ?

For her Birthday Reagan was given an iPod Touch, she loves that thing and has amazed me at how well she has figured it out on her own, but what really shocked me is that she has figured out how to text from it... she's 8, people !! Tonight while I was cooking dinner I noticed Marc kept looking at his phone and texting someone, I didn't think twice about it, it's a normal occurence but then Reagan came running into the kitchen giggling and showed me her screen, she was texting her Daddy and he had NO clue. the conversation was something like this :
Rea: Hi
Marc:Hi ?
Rea: How was your day ?
Marc: It was good, who's this ?
Rea: Who's this ?
Marc : Marc
Rea: Hi Marc
Marc: Who's this ? Victoria ????
Rea : I'm not Victoria
Marc: Who's this ?
Rea : I love you
Marc : Who's this ?

That was when Reagan could no longer contain her giggles and asked " Who you texting Daddy? " All the while standing in front of him with her iPod, suddenly his face went from confusion to total understanding and then back to confusion... "You know how to text on that thing too ?"  To which she giggled "Yep" took off running and Marc went back to checking emails but not before sneaking one more look at his phone to look at what had just ensued and I know I saw a grin spread across his face :)

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The Lee Family Happenings said...

haha! That's so cute!

I probably wouldn't even be able to figure that out.

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