Thursday, November 10, 2011

21st Century Cinderella

Reagan was chosen for a speaking part in the school play and she's extremely excited about it, her role ? Cinderella. Yesterday her music teacher called and asked if I could perhaps make Reagan's dress and Sleeping Beauty's.. Sure. She also told me "If you have dress up clothes they would work too." Reagan grew out of playing Princesses a long time ago so we don't have anything but I do have a good friend who has a lot of dress-up clothes and pulled some out. Her daughter is the same age as Reagan but a size smaller and Heather warned, these are a little small on Gracie, but they might work. Reagan tried them on and came up with 2 different looks... what do you think ?
I don't think so either. Off to the fabric store I go.


stephanie joy said...

it would work if she was 21 and dressing up as cinderella to hit up the bars for halloween!!!
ha ha ha ha ha!
love it!
that is kaia in dress up clothes now too.

Michelle said...

@Stephanie, LOL, too true!

Penny, love her trying to pull it off though!

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