Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just grateful

Day 9 : Does that sound lame ? I'm just grateful ..... I'm grateful that right now our lives are on an even keel, nothing mind altering or earth shattering. I was asked once "Are you happy ?" My response was "I'm content" and that's how I feel, content and blessed. So many of my friends are having to deal with so much right now it makes my heart hurt for them, there's not a darn thing I can do for them to alleviate the pain, confusion and anger they are feeling and I feel kind of guilty, does that make sense ? I've dealt with my fair share in the past and wouldn't wish it on anyone, I know how they are feeling and it sucks, yet this is their chapters and ones that will end eventually and they will come out of it just A'OK, I just wish they didn't have to have these chapters to deal with in their Book of Life, but at the same time know these life altering occurences make us who we become and that's not always a bad thing, so for now I will pray for my friends  and be there for them when they need an ear, a shoulder or a hug and remain grateful that right now for me Life is good and I can be the one offering the support and prayers.


Trish said...

I only have 3 words for you...I love you!

A Little Of A Lot said...

I love you too momma xox

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