Monday, August 4, 2008

Different and yet still the same

Remember when we were younger and we'd play 'House', 'Hospital' or ' Kings and Queens' ? Well I guess times have changed a little, as I sit here typing I am listening to a conversation between my 10 and soon to be 5 y/o.

Ben: "So what do you want to play ?

Reagan:"How about teenagers ?" *EEK*

Ben: " Ok, so you're dating a skater."

Reagan: "No, I don't want to date a skater"

Ben: "How about a movie star ?"

Reagan: "Yes, I'll date a movie star, my Dad can be a skater "

Ben: "Our Dad's not that cool."

Reagan: Sounding exasperated "We're just pretending, remember ? "

Ben: "Ok, our dad, is Tony Hawk"

Reagan: "No, he's Bam Margera"

And their game continues, talking about 1/2 pipes, skate parks and travelling to exotic places. The one thing that has stayed consistent is that despite Daddy being a skater and Rea dating a movie star, Daddy still works at the office and she still calls him up just to say "Hi" and "I love you" ... AWWWW


Keener Family said...

OMG! Ur kids are hilarious! "Our dad's not that cool" HILARIOUS!!

Kat's Credence said...

Oh, no, teenagers are not that cool, lol! That is too funny tho! So how was it having 3 teenagers around haha!

capitolagirl said...

LOL! That's funny :-)

::Sylvia:: said...

That's adorable, my almost 5 year old just told me the other day to write down his favorite recipe so one day his wife can make it taste just like his mommy's. :) My daughter in law is going to hate me....

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