Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To my favorite 5 y/o

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.
Every year you get sweeter and sassier than the one before.
I can't believe it's been 5 years since we welcomed you into the world, well almost 5years, you were born at 9:33pm and all day today you have told people how you won't be 5 until bedtime, you certainly didn't mind celebrating a few hours early though, did you ?
I wonder if you will always be so incredibly thankful for everything you are given ? I certainly hope so, so many times today I could see how you were so overcome with all of the wonderful things being bestowed upon you. Each time it got to be almost too much for you, you just hugged my legs and said "I love you Mommy" , oh how that touched my heart.
I don't know what your favorite thing was today, you just seemed to enjoy it all, from the bunnies waiting for you on the patio to the Birthday card of that cute little squirrel you saw last week.
You were such a gracious hostess at your party today, though I'm not so sure about eating 5 fruit kebobs and then snatching up the last, that wasn't too gracious, but it's your Birthday and today you can get away with it, don't do it again, piglet ;-)

You are such an incredible addition to our family, to say you were a surprise is an understatement, but you were the best surprise your Father and I could ever hope to have. You are a perfect combination of your brother and sister, you have the feistiness of your sister and the gentle heart of your brother and then you have your own very individual personality, strong, sensitive and as sassy as they come. You crack me up with some of the things you do and say, you are a very matter of fact little girl, wise beyond your years, you never cease to amaze us.

I thank God every day that he chose me to be your Mommy.

I love you all the way to the moon and back sweet girl and don't you ever forget it.
Smooches, Mommy xoxoxo

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