Monday, January 19, 2009

I need gift ideas

I have a best friend, we have been friends since we were 11 and we know just about all there is to know about each other, we are total opposites, she has a Birthday coming up and I am stumped as to what to give her.
She lives in the UK, I am here in the U.S, postage over to the UK is insane.

She doesn't read, she doesn't cook, she doesn't appreciate hand made ( the one time I sent her handmade she responded with "I wish I could sew, then I could save money too") hmmm, therefore doesn't craft either.
She appears to be more about quantity, not quality, she has no use for modern technology, she's a girly girl, traditional, likes to accessorise.

I need ideas for this gal, I'm going nuts trying to find the perfect gift and it needs to be something light, therefore inexpensive to mail.

Do you have a favorite gift that might work for her ?


Kat's Credence said...

Would you like me to make a couple pairs of earrings for you to give her? Just email me if your game.

Michelle said...

That is a tough one Penny! Can you call and arrange a spa day?

A Little Of A Lot said...

Kathy,she's unable to wear earrings, but thankyou, I did think about you.

Michelle, I thought about that and got the 'menu' to a day spa near her, with the exchange rate the way it is I might be able to get her big toe nail painted.


Anonymous said...

Is she American? I'm an American and I live in the UK and there are things I miss from the USA - like Cheetos, certain Little Debbie snack cakes, People magazine, American cake mixes, Fritos, etc. There are other things as well, but they are heavy and her list might be different.

Don't know if something like that would work . . .


A Little Of A Lot said...


She's English.
Maybe you and I should do a swap though, I'm English and live in the US and miss things such as flakes (do they still do the double dipped flake over there ?) marmite, oxo, and sherbet dips, LOL

Emma said...


I am pretty sure my Publix (grocery store) has Marmite and OXO. I can look for you and send a "care package" your way!

As for your friend... What about a DVD or music? Do you guys have memories related to songs b/c if you could make up a personal CD too.

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