Sunday, January 4, 2009

The secret to getting things done

I have had an ongoing wallpapering project going on now for close to 6 months, maybe longer *BLUSH*. This weekend I decided was the weekend to get it completed, it's wallpapering the stairwell so there are some high areas and even standing on stairs there are some areas that my 5ft 3in frame simply can't reach, so I asked Marc if he would please do the high areas for me. Now he is not a DIY kind of guy at all, I do all the home decorating and split the repairs with a paid handyman, I knew my question would be met with a grumble but hello, how stupid would it be to pay someone $50 just to get a couple of pieces of paper stuck on the wall ? He told me very half heartedly that yes he would, I then asked if he thought he could get it done before his Mom and one of his sisters come for a short visit next week, he smirked and said "I don't know" To which I replied "Well if you don't, I'll tell your Mom I did all the work and that you wouldn't do the out of reach places for me." Right away he told me to get the paper ready for him and he'll do it after work tomorrow.
Yep, I pulled the Mommy card and it worked, wonder what else I can get done between now and the 13th.

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