Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The sweetest little sister ever

Since having her surgery Victoria hasn't been able to care for her feet the way in which they are used to being pampered, today she noted that they were getting rough and so while we were out she bought some scrub and lotion in hopes that someone would take pity on her and do her feet and that person was Reagan, I'd actually offered to pay and get her a professional pedicure done, because if anyone deserves that kind of pampering right now Victoria does, but she declined because she's fearful that someone she doesn't know will use too much pressure on her foot and send shooting pains up into her knee.
We got home a little while ago and Reagan came out into the kitchen to get "prepared" I asked her if she was really going to do Victoria's feet and then asked "Why ?" to which she just shrugged her little shoulders and said "She needs somebody to do it for her." And off she went to rescue her sister's feet as though it were something she does every day.
So sweet.

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Marly said...

She's such a good little sister. Not to mention the trust shown by her sweet big sister as well!

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