Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm my Daddy's girl afterall

Growing up my brother would always tease me telling me that I was adopted, people would look at me and ask who I took after in my family, there were never any answers for my red hair and green eyes. My Mother was blonde haired and blue eyed, my Dad was black haired and brown eyed, people on both sides of the family could never remember a red head,the jokes were made about me being the milkman's or the postman's and sometimes I'll have to admit, I wondered myself. My maternal grandfather used to tell me all the time how I resembled my Mum when she was a little girl, I don't see a resemblence in our childhood pictures but I do find myself looking more and more like my Mum as I get older. I remember my evil grandmother (that's for another post) telling me I was a love child, that my Mum had had a boyfriend who jilted her when she got pregnant with me and my Dad raised me as his own, I always knew my Mum had had a serious boyfriend before she met my Dad and so of course that always stayed in the back of my mind. On more than one occassion my parents would ease my troubled mind telling me how my Grandmother was just being hateful and to pay no heed to what she was saying.
Several years ago whilst slathering hand lotion on my dry hands I noted that my thumbs and thumb nails were the very same shape as my Dad's and that was it, my ah ha moment, all the doubts melted just like that, now just for good measure
I'm finding black hairs popping up all over my head, HELLO !!! It beats grey hair any day of the week but to brush my hair and find a long black strand is just weird , my husband didn't believe me until today when I was able to show him 3 of them. Maybe I have found the fountain of youth and am having reverse aging, my real age according to facebook is 23, gotta love that, almost 20 years younger than my biological age. As strange as it may sound I kind of like having this link to my Dad, I now have his thumbs and a few of his hair strands ;-)I really am a Daddy's girl in every sense of the word now, just too bad he's no longer alive that I could share this weird phenomenon with him.

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Kat's Credence said...

Oh, what a hateful thing to say to a kid! Good thing my grandpop didn't feel that way, he and my grandmother were fair, blue eyes, light hair, etc and my Dad came out dark skin, black eyes & black hair. (Now later in life other than his coloring he looks JUST like my grandpop did.)

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