Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Silver Lining

Today after a particularly heated argument with Victoria (Have I mentioned we've been around each other 24/7 give or take a few hours here and there,since Dec 22nd ?)
I started thinking that I have another 15 years ahead of me in which I'll have a teenager in my home ... Lord have mercy !! That will make 19 years of having teen hormones ravaging through my home and nerves. But then I found my silver lining, it could be worse, I could be my friend Trish by the time her youngest is out of the house she will have spent 23 years with a teenager. Ay yi yi.


Trish said...

Hmmmm makes me think I should have listened to my Mom when she preached abstinence ROFL! I am here for you girl!

Angela James said...


I only have ONE!

Stephenie said...

Ughhh.. Maybe I should stick to 2

Chrissie Grace said...

oh goodness,
when my youngest is 13 I'll also have 15, 17, and 21.
I'm scared!!:)

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