Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mr Webster, if you're reading

After the conversation I just had with my 5 y/o I think you need to make some revisions to your dictionary.

Me: "Come on Reagan we need to sit down and do your homework" (this week she has to find pictures of things beginning with the letter Q and paste them into her letter book.)

Reagan: "OK, tell me if you find a picture of a cucumber"

Me: No, Cucumber starts with C, it just sounds like it should start with Q

Reagan: Then why don't they just call it a C cumber, wouldn't that make more sense ?

Can't really argue with that logic can you ?


Michelle said...

Seems pretty reasonable to me! lol.

Karin Schueller said...

Shouldn't argue at all. :) lol Ross always tells a story he heard from a prof in high school... His daughter was told to "Behave", and she said, "But Daddy, I AM being have". lol Love it.

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