Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Does she look like a piggy bank ?

Reagan apparently thinks she is. TWICE, yes you read that correctly TWICE she has deliberately swallowed money tonight. I don't even know what to think or say.
The first time surprised me as she was never a toddler who put things in her mouth. She came out to me crying asking if swallowing a penny would kill her, I told her no and asked her why the question and she went on to tell me she had just done that very thing. Huh ? why ? She wanted to see if it was clean... and if it wasn't ?
I explained that no it wouldn't kill her, that it wasn't a smart thing to do and if she was that hungry she should have asked for a snack. I explained that just like corn, it will probably make it's appearnace in the next day or so and that was that.
Well I just got in from the garage and she looked at me, all smiles and said "I swallowed another penny " WTH ??? WHY ?? She's the prankster child so I thought she was going to yell "Psych" but she never did, instead she dissolved into tears because I started "Yelling " at her, not really,I raised my voice a little asking why she would do it again, then the thought hit me, what if it wasn't a penny, what if it were a quarter, so I spread coins out on the table and asked her to point to the coins she swallowed... 2 dimes. So in the next 24 hours or so my kid won't be shitting roses, it'll be 20 cents.


Kat's Credence said...

LOL. My dad told of swallowing a nickel and how he waited 3 days for it to come out, and back then, a nickel wasn't something you flushed away!

Karin Schueller said...

OMG, from the very first sentence, all I kept thinking was....Good thing it's not a quarter! I have heard too many stories about surgeries to get it out! Is it awful for me to hope it hurts her bottom a little when it comes out so that she learns her lesson??? Sorry, I'm harsh, lol. What a nut!!!

Emma said...

So have you been able to reclaim the money yet? hehehe. I'd definitely deduct 20 cents from her allowance. *wink* In all seriousness I think that is probably something most kids do, well at least swallow something they shouldn't, ya know. Noah swallowed one of those glass beads you use in floral arrangements. In his defense though he thought they were candies and he was 3 yrs old at the time. hehehe. Silly

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