Monday, November 3, 2008

Maybe she'll become a Dr

Reagan ran out to the kitchen to me tonight and asked "Mom, will you please come in and watch that show where people go to the hospital and the doctors have to find out what is wrong with them ? "

For the next hour she sat engrossed while watching Discovery Health's 'Mystery ER'.
Beats watching Sponge Bob ;-)


Bean said...

How cool! Annabel loves cooking shows, especially Jacques Pepin and anything on cakes/pastries ;)

jeaniesworld said...

oh we love that show too! and jaden loves to watch trauma with me :)

Luvkids334 said...

Yep, she likes that one too as well as Dr G Medical Examiner.

I don't think Reagan has even seen a cooking show.
BTW: I want to see pics of Annabels B'day dress ;-)

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