Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just to clarify

Several people have asked and wondered why I don't write very much about my older 2 children, plain and simple they have asked me not to and I respect that.
There have being times when they have asked me to post something about them, i.e the post about Victoria's love for Michael Phelps and so I did and that's the way it will continue. It's not that I love them any less, or play favorites, it's that I respect them as young people and take those types of requests seriously.
Reagan on the other hand at this point in time really doesn't give a hoot when I post something cute or silly about her, but when that day comes and she ask that I stop posting about her goofy behavior then I'll quit that too.


Michelle said...

Kids! :-) I totally get this. Good for you for respecting their wishes!

Karin Schueller said...

You are a good mom. :) I think that is so important. They can't respect you if you don't respect them. :) Luckily my kids still think it's "cool". LOL

Emma said...

Whatever...I know you like Reagan the best! ;)

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