Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another thing to add to your beach bag

Vinegar and gauze pads.

We had a wonderful day at the beach yesterday, the weather was perfect, no humidity, a slight breeze, and the ponies were out in full force, which thrilled Reagan.
The other things out in full force were the jelly fish, I saw several on the shoreline and didn't think too much about it but Victoria got stung big time and ended up getting quite sick from them. The first sting I didn't take much notice of and thought maybe she was over reacting a little, but a while later she came out of the water looking like she could kill, sure enough she was covered in stings on her elbows, knees, hands and ankles. She had to have swam into a smack of them because nobody else out there with her got stung.
She went and seeked help at the first aid station and they gave her a gauze pad soaked in vinegar, this deactivates the venom, sea water is the next best thing. Contrary to popular myth, urine does not help and can in fact make the sting worse, cold clear water and ice will activate the venom, so that is a big no no.
So next time you go to the beach be sure to take vinegar and gauze, Benadryl wouldn't be a bad thing either.


Stephenie said...

Ughhhh.. I HATE jellies. They are so evil. She is a brave one though because I won't even go in the water if I see one.

ErinRagan said...

Adolf's Meat Tenderizer is great, too!

When I was a kid vacationing in OC (before my entire family migrated to the Shore!), I got the sting of all stings... went to the urgent care center, and they recommended Adolf's.

That's what my family has used ever since!

Poor Victoria!! I'm like Steph... after that experience as a kid, I won't go in the water if I see the nasty things! lol

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