Monday, July 14, 2008

Who has Potty Mouth now ?

A conversation overheard this morning.

Reagan: Muuuuum, Ben said a naughty wooord

Ben: No I didn't

Reagan: Yes, you did

Me: What did he say ?

Reagan: He told me to "Shut Up"

Ben: No, I didn't Reagan

Reagan: (Under her breath) Liar.

Me: REAGAN !!!!

Can you tell she is the youngest of 3 who takes in everything the other 2 and their friends say, whether good or bad ?


Trish said...

ROFL sounds like a day in my house.

I did your random six things, it is up at my blog now. Thanks for letting me play.

Keener Family said...

OMG! That's cute, but....not for the Mommy! LOL!

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