Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's a full moon

As pretty as a full moon is and despite how magnificent it looks in the sky on a night like tonight... clear, not a cloud to be seen and surrounded by twinkling stars, I am not a huge fan.
On a Full moon I get irritable and antsy, tired yet too anxious to rest. I know sleep is going to be hard to come by tonight, so I sit here wondering what to do with myself, my bed sounds tempting, yet I know once I get up there and snuggle down under the covers, my mind will start whirring a 100 miles a minute about who knows what, so I'll probably just sit and surf the web until I can surf no longer.
I have not always being affected by a Full moon and it sounds kind of spooky to me and probably to some of you too, to think that something such as a full moon should effect ones moods so much, but I guess if the moon can determine the tide of the ocean then it would make sense that it would make some changes in the human body seeings as we are made up of mostly water.
I've never suffered from PMS and so when I started noticing how out of the blue I could suddenly start feeling irritable, blah, sad, on edge, restless, etc, I started taking notes. I knew it wasn't PMS as it never came right before my period, yet it was happening every month and sure enough it was always on a Full Moon, guess you could say I have FMS.. Full Moon Syndrome. As long as I don't get too hairey (though I did have to shave tonight) and start howling at the moon, everyone around me should be safe.


Stephenie said...

Maybe thats whats wrong with me. I know I have PMS but I usually don't tend to get B*^%$ but just quiet and tired. For a few years now I get so moody once a month for a few days and Im so b&&#^# I can barely stand myself.

So maybe you have answered why this is. hmmm

Thanks Penny!

Luvkids334 said...

Stephenie, you should start a little journal and note when you start feeling this way, or heck just step outside at night and look up at the sky and see what phase the moon is in.
You should keep me posted, I'd be interested to hear whether that ends up being your issue or not.

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