Thursday, July 10, 2008

Living with nature

And not sure whether I like it or not. When we found this house I was so happy because we now live out of town yet close enough to drive in every day if need be.Despite living in a neighborhood we have 2 acres of land and on one side of us it is all pasture and woodland that's in a conservation area,so will never be built on. We feel like we live out in the country. The critters think that way too, we get a lot of wild life around here and generally I like it, BUT just now while coming back in from taking some pics I almost stepped on a snake, OMG, I couldn't stop shaking and actually thought at one point I was going to throw up. Rabbits, deer and wild turkey are one thing, snakes whether the good kind or the bad kind are something else.

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Lisa said...

OH! I hear ya! I can't believe you actually went and took a picture of it. Just looking at that picture makes my pulse race.

We live on a canyon. Unfortunately, I have never had a deer and very rarely a cute little bunny. We have seen: two snakes (or three--Kenny tries to shield me from these), various mice and vermin, lizards (they are pretty cute), a TARANTULA! and a SCORPION (luckily it was dead). I love my view, but can do without the critters.

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