Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A peek of things to come

I can't help but get excited about what I found out in my garden tonight, it beat 2 nights ago when I found that something had eaten every single one of my strawberries, I know it wasn't the deer, they can't get in my garden unless they straddle the fence and I haven't seen any indication of them doing that. If my humongous Marigolds are doing their job, then it shouldn't be the rabbits, but some little critter went in and ate every bite leaving just the stalks.
Anyway I digress, here's what I did find, cherry tomatoes by the bushel load
Basil almost as tall as me... who knew Basil could get this big ?
Jalapenos, ready to give some serious zing to something,
Strawberries, just a few and hopefully I'll get to them before the 'Critter' does this time

For a first year serious vege grower I'm pretty stoked as to how things are growing and am getting ready to plant some more seeds for a Fall crop. My Mum and Grandad would be proud ;-)


Emma said...

I am jealous! I have wanted a garden forever!

Kelly said...

Hey what all are you planting this fall? I want to do some stuff too but have no clue what will grow that isn't gross other than potatoes, october beans, and lettuce.

Angela James said...

You might already know this, but the basil needs to be trimmed. You need to pinch off the tops with the flowering parts. Once it starts to flower, it will stop growing, so you need to keep those cut off/back. Also, once it gets too big, it starts to get woody and will stop growing, so you you can start thinning it by cutting off some of the mid-stalks that are bigger, above the nodes. This will keep it healthy and bushy for longer. If you're not sure what to do with the basil that you've cut, you can make it into "basil ice cubes" and save them for cooking in the winter. It will retain its flavor that way and you'll have some after it's all done growing!

Your veggies look gorgeous!

Stephenie said...

Im so jealous over your basil! Mine is not doing well at all this year. At the old house the stuff went nuts. But mint.. mint grows very well. too well!

Luvkids334 said...

Kelly: I'm planting corn, pumpkins, carrots and spinach.

Angie: Thanks for that advice, I didn't know to cut the flowers. On that one particular plant there have been many flowers and it keeps growing regardless, I'll go cut off what's there today though.

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