Monday, July 21, 2008

Darn these gas prices

So if you read my brief post below you saw that today was a very fraught day, OMG, my kids were ready to kill each other and I was ready to kill them.
I've come to the conclusion that if the stinking gas prices weren't so high a lot of my angst today could have being avoided.
Like every other person in America right now I'm trying to conserve my gas and make as few trips out as possible, that means on the 2 days that I have to go out I'm going to try to do all of my running around in that time frame. Today that meant grocery shopping after swimming lessons. Reagan loves for her older sibs to go watch her swim and they comply each and every time, that meant me having to take all 3 of them grocery shopping with me. I'm telling ya, it's HORRIBLE !! V needs more m'up or shampoo and runs in one direction, B wants to go check out toys and Rea wants to be with one of them, me I just want the job done but not to have to scurry all over the store after checking out looking for them. That makes for one cranky Mom. So today they pretty much stayed with me, arguing, nit picking and throwing in needless groceries all the way round the store.
At the checkout they are all whining because they are hungry and thirsty and so want snacks and drinks, because I'm the mean Mom that after spending $150 on groceries won't go to the Golden Arches and fork out another $15. Finally after they all pick a small snack and a drink we get in the car and head home, finally at 3pm they are able to eat lunch, they are starving so a snack won't suffice, because of the late lunch, come dinner time they are no longer hungry but I have to cook dinner because DH has had a long work day. Dinner rolls around and only 1 kid wants to eat, 1hr after dinner the other 2 want something... AAAGGGHHHHH !!!!
So today nothing has gone how it should have and all because I had to take all 3 of them grocery shopping in order to save gas and not drop 2 of them back home after swimming lessons.
So Mr Gas tycoon, if you are reading, please take pity on the American Mom and lower those prices in the name of family harmony, we would truly appreciate it.


Jennifer said...

One of my biggest new favorite things is to go grocery shopping by myself. It's wonderful. Hopefully tomorrow is better!

fireflymom said...

You're not the only one. Conserving trips often makes me feel like I have to rush around to complete everything I need to get done.

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