Saturday, May 3, 2008

Great start to the weekend and I really mean it

Today was one of those days where you would love for it to go on forever.
It started off bright and early with Ben and I taking off and having a Mother/Son morning, we hit a few yard sales and left empty handed, then headed to the Mall to pick up some Early Bird Specials from Penneys, to help complete Ben's Summer wardrobe, after that it was off to IHOP where Ben salivated over my crepes only to spit them out in his napkin (Poor kid was not swallowing those things,you'd have thought they were made with arsenic) and gave me the biggest compliment ever, "They're nothing like your crepes Mom, yours are the best, I'm never eating anyone elses again" Awwww, how sweet, maybe it's because I stuff his with icecream.
Then we headed out, finished up his Summer wardrobe shopping and went home, where we were greeted by Reagan who was ecstatic that we bought her clothes too and big relief to me, she loved them all.
This afternoon the weather was gorgeous and so I finished getting the vegetable garden ready for my seedlings,it was a lot of hard work, but I was immediately rewarded with a pretty tan and will be greatly rewarded in a month or so when we start harvesting all the goodies.
I also got to meet a neighbor who's house backs up to ours, she is also planting a garden and so we stood for a good hour yacking about what we hope to get out of our planting and learnt some things about each other, both of our families are going to get together tomorrow evening and cook out.
After the crappy reception we received from our next door neighbors when we moved in, it was so nice to meet nice, down to earth people.

After a wonderful dinner consumed in our new gazebo we headed in, Ben went to a Baseball game, Victoria has gone to friends and Reagan is getting ready to jump in the tub, she is one dirty, grimey little girl, always proof that she has had a great day, her highlight being walking in the garden dirt in bare feet.

If only everyday could be this carefree.

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