Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who knew ?

My kids are driving me crazy each night with dinnertime pickiness, seriously they drive me NUTS !!! Reagan is the worst, every night it's a negotiation, doesn't matter how small the portion is that I put on her plate, she'll push 95% of it to one side and ask "If I eat this much, do I get desert ?" I swear each night gets a tad bit more frustrating than the night before.
I decided that I needed to find a really good desert that would entice her to eat the whole plateful and came across the cutest box of ice cream treats. Reagan is a huge dog lover, so what better treat than a box with a super cute doggie on the outside, right ? The fact that the box states no sugar added and high quality protein was definitely an added bonus so I decided that though they were quite a bit more than I would usually pay for an ice cream treat, the payoff was worth it and so I bought these home with me.
Too bad I didn't see the Purina logo up in the top left hand corner or read the rest of the box, Winchester our big black Lab will be one happy puppy tonight.
Ice cream treats for dogs, who knew ?


Marly said...

Oh, no! Please don't tell Reagan I laughed. ;)

Stephenie said...

LOL. Is it bad that my kids still would have fought the dog for the ice cream?

Hopefully, you will be able to find something that will work.

fireflymom said...

You're going to have one happy dog!

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