Monday, May 5, 2008


So my intent to post every day in May hit a glitch yesterday, I was so tired by the time the kids were in bed that I had to retire myself, the idea of writing something was more than my poor tired brain could do, so maybe I'll post twice today ;-)

I do want to share this about Reagan though because it was so darn cute. As is the norm for her she will jump into bed and snuggle for a few minutes with me first thing in the morning. Yesterday she was snuggling for a short while looking deep in thought and then bounced out the bed and said "I'll be right back." About 10 mins later she walked into my room with a bowl of my favorite cereal, a yogurt and a spoon and exclaimed "Breakfast in bed, because I love you." She then went on to explain that she would have put milk in the cereal but she couldn't pour it out of the jug without spilling and so she thought I could add my yogurt to the cereal, which I did and it was pretty darn good.

So, so sweet and for no other reason than because she loves me. Made up for the near heart attack she gave me the other day, dont'cha think ?


Bean said...

I tagged you for a meme/survey, to try and help keep you going for a post a day in may :) Check out my blog (it's a couple posts down now) :)

Luvkids334 said...

Oh cool, thanks. I'll get to that when I have some time to really think about my answers ;-)

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