Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ne'er cast a clout 'til May be out

That's a little saying my Grandad used to say every Spring when the first rays of sun would poke from behind the clouds. He was a wonderful gardener, spending hours a day tending to his flower beds, hedges and lawns. The day before he died he was out weeding and getting everything ready to plant the 100 Geraniums he'd just had delivered. He was a patient man never hurrying the planting season, me on the other hand, not so patient. When I moved from England to Virginia, Spring arrived a lot earlier and I was able to plant earlier than May and that made me happy, we then moved to Minnesota where we could still have snow on the ground in May and the nurseries wouldn't even start opening up until Mother's Day weekend. Well now I'm in Maryland and the weather warms up quicker just like in Virginia, I was so excited to go off and buy plants and herbs last week, the day was gorgeous and the weather had been that way for a week,Reagan and I loaded up a wagon of Geraniums, Marigolds, Superbells, Double Petunias, Basil, Purple Basil and strawberries, came home planted most of them and built a scarecrow for the vegetable garden.
Just a mere 12 hours later the weather changed, the temps dipped and the rains came down and it remained that way for 4 days.
A horrible storm with pouring rains and high winds whipped through here Sunday night on into yesterday, I went outside to assess the damage, my scarecrow is a heap on the ground, the vege garden looks like a mud pool, I had to go hunt for some geraniums as they were no longer on the table, they were up turned and on the other side of the patio, my Basil was snapped in half and we have a swimming pool on top of the cover of our swimming pool. Now today I have to go about damage control.
Had I just heeded what Grandad said I wouldn't be going to all this trouble today.
Older really is wiser huh ?


Stephenie said...
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Stephenie said...

Ughhh.. I hate HATE HATE it when they are right but they always are.

happybunny said...

Oh my goodness you really did have a downpour.
I remember this saying from my parents - in fact I don't think a year goes by without my mum still reminding me of it.

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