Thursday, May 8, 2008

Missed another day

Today I'll make up for the missed post yesterday and blog twice today, be warned the first won't be too friendly. I have learnt that to blog at night is not such a good idea, either I'm too tired or Victoria beats me to the computer, she doesn't get on it a whole lot so for one hour before she goes to bed I'm not going to fight her for it.

Now to my vent.

Mean people truly SUCK !! Back in April some woman found my store and apparently fell in love with my tampon holders she emailed me gushing about them and asked if I would be interested in donating one or two for a silent online auction fundraiser, she gave me a link to her website etc, everything seemed legit so I did. Long and the short of it, I was scammed and the bitch was just too damn cheap to buy her own for a massive $7.00. I sent her 2 as promised and never heard another word back from her, I have emailed her numerous times and NOTHING !! I checked her website and sure, she's advertising the auction but is it actually taking place as it should be ? NO !!!! Has she had the decency to respond to any of my emails ? Of course not. People like her need to look deep inside of themselves and reflect on how their actions affect so many others, because of her the next time I am asked to donate something I will be thinking twice about it. People like her make it very difficult for the really good people out there who truly strive to make a difference .

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